College WFPF Affiliates

"Independent parkour groups comprised of students from their respected universities or colleges" 
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(What is the difference between a College WFPF Sanctioned School and Affiliate Team?)

College WFPF Affiliate Team

- A College WFPF Affiliate is a parkour and/or freerunning group comprised entirely of students at a college or university. This group is run entirely independent from the institution and is not a 'registered student organization' or an 'independent student organization'.  The group, not officially affiliated with a school, agrees to become a member of College WFPF, enabling student members to sign up for a College WFPF individual membership which enables all students in the group to enjoy the benefits laid out in the terms of membership for a College WFPF Affiliate group. 

-Any group comprised entirely of students from a college or university, currently runs independent from the university, is not a 'registered student organization' or an 'independent student organization'
 and is seeking official status as a student organization is eligible to register as a College WFPF Affiliate group. 

-We at College WFPF believe it is just as important to support those groups who are currently independent from the schools they represent. As College WFPF Affiliates we give groups a platform they can use to become officially recognized, but also a way to participate in College WFPF events. We also give groups opportunities to work with officially recognized clubs on college campuses. It is our belief that groups should not run independent from the university. Independent groups are disconnected from the student organization community and can run into many problems with campus officials. We at College WFPF want to eliminate that possibility and help build a positive image on all college campuses.

College WFPF Affiliate Teams are not affiliates of the WFPF, are separate and distinct from WFPF affiliation and are specific to College WFPF. College WFPF Affiliate Teams are in agreement with ‘College WFPF’ on a yearly basis, with the ability to renew or cease membership eligibility for the members of the College WFPF Affiliate Team. Group agreements outline the benefits and guidelines for membership that are being offered and agreed upon by College WFPF and the Affiliate Team, respectively. By signing the agreement groups are officially given access to the membership benefits only attained and enjoyed by those individual members of the College WFPF Affiliate Team that have registered as members of College WFPF. By no means does this agreement or does registration as a member of College WFPF, restrict your group or individual registered member’s freedom to be affiliated with, use the resources of or partner with other national parkour organizations or other for profit companies. College WFPF only asks that you have no other INTERNATIONAL parkour federation or sporting federation affiliation or membership.

Registering as a College WFPF Affiliate Group

Are you part of a college parkour or freerunning group, need WFPF support in becoming an official club, want to participate in College WFPF events and use College WFPF resources?
Register as a College WFPF Affiliate Group! 
Sign up for a College WFPF Membership! (Online registration coming soon!)
To register, email us at 
Tell us about your group! 
Please include: 
- A short history of your group. 
-Nickname for independent group- ex. 'BCPK' instead of Boston College Parkour

- Training schedule of a normal week.
- Estimated size of your group.
- Contact information and links to any websites etc.
- As well as any other information you wish to include

Learn more about what it means to register as a 
College WFPF Affiliate Group HERE.

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