Promoting Your Club

Create a group email address for public use and a group email listserv for contacting members of the group about training, events, jams etc.

Create a Facebook Fanpage as a pubic page to display club information. Include leaders, club mission statement, definition of parkour, meeting time and place, and contact information, as well as links to your youtube channel , twitter account and any websites. The fanpage will be a great way to connect with your members, but also a place for friends and family of the club to learn about the group and “like” your page.

Create a private Facebook group. A way to communicate, share information and get updates specific to training and the inner workings of the group.

Create a Twitter account. Twitter can be a very valuable resource and outlet for a group. A place to share photos, video and updates with members and friends of the group. Use the account to post updates about training and use it to update members where you are training and as you move from spot to spot around campus or during a jam.

Create a Youtube channel. Use a Youtube channel to showcase videos of your members, your entire team, jams, training, and even create a video blog to keep members and fans up to date on the club!

Advertising on campus-

Use a combination of many different forms of advertising for member recruitment and event promotion, including flyers, chalk messages, university television channel, school newspaper, or word of mouth!

A Demonstration is a great way to show what parkour is all about and what members will be learning! Use it as a chance to define parkour, introduce leaders and tell people that parkour is more than what they see on youtube and in the movies, its accessible and fun!  Use an arts Showcase to put on a school wide demonstration that can even be choreographed to expose the club to a wider audience!

First make a logo! It can be as simple as block letters of the shortened version of your group name. Ex. "UMPK", "BCPK", "UIPK" etc. A logo or stylized text gives you group a nickname and a sense of identity to post as your profile picture etc.

With the logo and create tshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats etc. We suggest using or enabling groups to design their own apparel and have members order their own apparel.

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